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Rotary series

Control the flow rate (speed) to a certain extent

  • Manual switching valve MRV---

Control the flow rate (speed) proportional to the leverfs operational angle without being affected by load variation

  • PC operating valve MRVPC---

Use for the hydraulic motor with mechanical brake

  • PC operating valve MRVSX-04- MRVPX-04-

Omit piping

  • Motor direct connection type PC operating valve MRVMD-03@MRVME-03

S series

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Control the flow rate (speed) stability without being affected by load variation

  • Series (parallel) PC operating valve MSVSS-----@MSVSP-----

Install compactly by omitting piping

  • PC multi-operation valve MSVMS-06-SR@MSVMP-06-SR

S series Optional equipment

Lower a hanging load slowly

  • Counter balance valve CB- CB-M3

Protect hydraulic motors from surge pressure

  • Brake valve@BR-@Relief valve RV-

Switch 2-speed motors to high-speed and low-speed

  • 2-speed switching valve 2SV@Automatic 2-speed switching valve 2HGE2HGP

Release a hydraulic brake with simultaneous lever operation

  • Brake release valve@CEMECES

Maintain against jacking up caused by the hydraulic cylinder

  • Pilot check valve MPS.MPS1@MPS.MPS1

Freely rotate a hydraulic motor with one lever

  • Free valve FV

Prevent cavitation

  • Supply valve BV-

Release high hydraulic pressure

  • Pickup valve PV-

H series

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Omit piping and control stable flow rates (speed)

  • Motor direct connection series (parallel)PC operating valve for circuit@HS----@HP----

H series Optional equipment

Automatically switch the speed of the shifting hydraulic motor

  • Automatic 2-speed valve 2HLE2HP1@Continuously variable transmission valve VHLEVHLP

Set up interlock mechanisms

  • Interlock valve ILV-03

Balance piston type pressure reducing valve

  • Reducing valve RDV-03

2-step setting of the operational angle of the converter valve lever

  • Manual flow limiter DML@Hydraulic flow limiter DHL

Hydraulic remote controls

Remotely control an operating valve

  • Passive unit / Transmission unit

Electric remote controls

Remotely control an operating valve

  • yNew productzyDigital control typezPassive unit DRM-@Amplifier DRA-@Transmission unit ERT-

Remotely control an operating valve

  • Passive unit ERM-@Amplifier ERA-@Transmission unit ERT-@Remote control selector RS-

Optional parts

KS stopper, Panel set, Opening adjustment stopper KS, Piping flange